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How to Change Boot Menu Timeout In Windows 10

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The boot menu timeout actually decides and determines the time duration of the boot menu as for how much time it is displayed before the default boot entry gets loaded. The timeout value is regulated by seconds. Now it’s up to you how much you want to add or subtract for your operating system to load on your computer. All you need to do is to alter the time-out value, if you will reduce the time out value then by doing this your default operating system will start quickly and if you will extend the time then definitely it will take time to start.


to improve the performance of your windows 10.

So let’s see how can change the boot menu timeout, you can get it done by changing the timer or you can change the timeout value by using BCDEdit. Both are simple ways to change the boot menu timeout.

Change the boot menu timeout by changing the Timer

  1. Go to the boot menu
  2. Now look for the Change Defaults and click it
  3. The new page will open from there look for the “Change the timer” or “Boot Menu Change Timer Item” and click it
  4. Here you have to give it a new timeout value so set a new one

Now you are done with changing boot timeout successfully.

Change the default boot menu time-out value by using BCDEdit

You have to set the boot menu time-out value and for this you will use the ‘Timeout option’, BCDEdit is the built-in console utility that will allow you to set a custom value

The new time value will be set by changing Seconds, All you need to do is Run Command Prompt and type in the following command:  bcdedit /timeout <timeout>

You will set a timeout option like bcdedit /timeout 60, you have given it the command of 60 seconds which means 1 minute so that is how you have to specify and set the time out value.

That’s it!

By changing the timeout of boot menu in windows 10 now your computer won’t take much time in getting started, so adjust the time the way you want, just keeping in mind it is regulated in seconds.

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