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Best Ways to Get Help in Windows 10 – Operating System

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In case your windows 10 has got some problem then there are number of ways to get help in windows 10. In the operating system of windows, there are many services that tend to provide you help either via phone or through live chat. This makes it easier for us to understand or to solve some of the things we are stuck with.

There are five number of ways which can guide and assist you in the problem you are facing mentioned below.

1. Get Help in Windows 10 From F1 Key

F1 key is typically used for getting help, if you will press the key of F1 in an application you are using, then it usually tends to open the help menu of that app if it exists otherwise it will open the BING search engine that will assist you in getting help.

get help from f1 key windows 10 - Best Ways to Get Help in Windows 10 - Operating System

2. Get Help From Microsoft Support

There is an app built in your system that allows you to get help from Microsoft Support. All you need to do is to go to the start button and move to Get Help app. You can tell your query to the representative of Microsoft. By typing in the specific terms or keywords related to your issue Microsoft will sort out your problems by providing the relevant documentation of your issues. So either insert keywords and type a complete query.

get help app in windows 10 - Best Ways to Get Help in Windows 10 - Operating System

3. Get Help From Cortana

Cortana can provide you answers of all your queries by videos, through these video you can very handily get to know the issues regarding windows 10. From the platform of Cortana the digital assistant has a complete know-how regarding the shortcuts of keys, he can guide you through these keyboard shortcuts. Besides that videos can be shown to you too. To get help from Cortana just click on the microphone from the menu bar.

get help from cortana windows 10 - Best Ways to Get Help in Windows 10 - Operating System

4. Get Help From Tutorials

There are amazingly useful tutorials regarding windows 10 and all the issues related to it. You can spend a little time to get the valuable information by going through these tutorials. For instance a laptop Mag is an eligible site that guides you in a best possible way.

5. Get Help From Free Support Options

Microsoft Answers forum is the best thing you can avail as it is an online platform where you can get an expert opinion from the concerned persons. You just need to provide some keywords in the search box that can describe your problem and then hit enter. You will be given a list of results and by consuming a little time you will be able to see the relevant details.

So these are some incredibly best useful ways to get help in windows 10 whenever you think your windows are in some sort of trouble. Whether its Cortana or Microsoft forums or any other medium mentioned above, all are reliable sources that promise to provide help.

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