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Start Your PC in Safe Mode in Windows 10

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how to start your pc in safe mode techbytex 850x491 - Start Your PC in Safe Mode in Windows 10

Whenever your computer seems to get stuck and Windows do not start the way it normally does then the remedy that fixes such glitch is to start your PC in a Safe Mode. Here we have explained what is safe mode and how can we use it. It starts the Windows by loading the most essential files and drivers. Booting into Safe Mode is not a biggie.

There are two ways that can be applied for getting into Safe Mode using your windows 10 so lets see how can we do that:

Methods to start your PC in Safe Mode ( Windows 10)

Method 1: From Settings

start pc safe mode settings - Start Your PC in Safe Mode in Windows 10

  • You need to head up to the Settings and for opening the Settings you need to press the keys of Windows logo key+ I.
    In case it doesn’t work then head up to the Start button and then select Settings.
  • Now select Update and Security
  • Tap Recovery
  • Select and click “Restart” now (Under Advanced startup)
  • Your computer will restart now
  • Choose an option screen
  • Now from there select
    >Advanced options
    >Startup Settings then Restart.
  • Your computer will restart
  • Your screen will show a list of options
  • So select either 4 or F4. It will start your computer in Safe Mode
  • In case you need to access internet then you better select 5 or F5, it will start your computer in Safe mode with Networking.

These simple clicks and few restarts will take your Windows in to Safe Mode. There is more than way to skin a cat so lets see another way to start your PC in Safe Mode

Method 2: Using System configuration utility:

By using built-in System Configuration Utility so lets proceed:

  • Head up to the Win+X menu (Press and Hold Windows KEY + X)

system configuration utility safe mode - Start Your PC in Safe Mode in Windows 10

  • Open the Run box
  • Type in msconfig

run ms config - Start Your PC in Safe Mode in Windows 10

  • Now press Enter
  • Look for the Safe Boot and Minimal options that will located under the Boot tab

system confuration boot options - Start Your PC in Safe Mode in Windows 10

  • Click Apply
  • Now click Exit
  • Now after this your computer will get into a Safe mode.

Note: Before you leave you need to make sure that you must open msconfig and uncheck the Safe Boot check box. After unchecking click Apply or Ok and then on Restart.

By getting it done your computer will not boot into Safe Mode.

By applying either of the method you will be able to start your pc in Safety Mode using windows 10. Both are simple and not time-taking at all. You will see how Safe Mode will start your Windows with least set of system files and drivers and that’s for sure that these minimal filers will be sufficient enough to boot the Windows.

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